The Semana Santa Fabcast 2

We continue talking about Bathala at Baklaan, the so-called Homospirituality topic, this time inquiring with our new Fabcast guests on the matter of their pious practices, religious backgrounds, and how they handle the guilt feelings that usually accompany living as a gay guy.

My favorite part of this podcast is when I asked,

"So feeling mo, ang pagiging bakla ba ay kasalanan?"

"Of course not, feeling ko hindi," Uno said.

"Pero ang pagsubo ng t*t* ng lalake?"


Then Gibbs very quickly inserted the mother of all follow up questions: "Ang pag-upo?"

"Mas lalong hinde!"

And for the very first time during a fabcast, bumuka ang lupa, humagikgik, at nilamon kaming lahat ng sanlaksang tawanan at sigawan.

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