The Q&A Fabcast: Boy Shiatsu, the Masseur

All hell break lose in this last episode of our Q&A fabcast! This is the first time we, the Fabcasters, had such a heated debate about a topic. And it's about our fourth and last phone-in guest's question -- "What is your opinion regarding sex workers?" We present to you Boy Shiatsu, who refers to himself as "call center agent sa umaga, call boy sa gabi." Kabugin ang bagyo sa yanig ng ating halakhakan! (Be sure to listen to this with your earphones, definitely NSFW!)

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  • Raffy

    Clearly, you considered sex work as a profession. And to one of you ( it think Migs) said flatly na ang ganyang profession ay di niya jojowain. Meron pa ba siyang alam na profession na di niya jojowain? If so, ano? Would Migs (kung tama nga na si Migs nagsabi) consider a well known journalist, doctor, lawyer, engineer to be a jowa, if he knew he was a former sex worker? Would he consult with the doctor? Ask legal advice from the lawyer? Engage the services of the engineer to build his house? Would he listen to the homily of a priest if he was a former sex worker? (i don’t know if this is possible, lol) If I may share my personal opinion: sa kahit anong profession, kabibiliban ko ang taong magaling at alam ang kanyang profession.

    Sep 25, 2011 at 10:28 am
  • Raffy

    Kung manloloko siya sa trade niya, di ko sya magugustuhan. Similarly if a lawyer doctor or engineer or journalist ay manloloko din in the practice of his profession, di ko din siya magugustuhan.

    Sep 25, 2011 at 10:34 am