The Fabcasters Meet The Dan & Rye Show!

Once upon a time, in a far away land (in Hong Kong), there were two enchanted Disneyland-dancing princesses/OFWs named Dan and Rye. In their search for their pot of gold, they were happily sliding in the many colors of the rainbow and stumbled upon the idea of producing podcasts. Their powers merged and so was born the fun-filled podcast show that later on enjoyed a listener base of intergalactic proportions - "The Dan and Rye Show."

Meanwhile, in the busy streets of Manila, three bekiz were secretly enjoying (and inggit) with their fellow pinoy bekiz Dan and Rye in Hong Kong. One intrimitida beki said, "since we each have our own blogs naman, and we like making chika like Dan and Rye, kaya rin natin yan. Let's podcast!" And so was born, out of envy and fabulousity, The Troikasters, which later on evolved into the rowdy pa-intellectual podcasting gay group called "The Fabcasters."

Lady luck smiled on the world, and one day, The Dan and Rye Show, years after their last episode went online, crossed paths with The Fabcasters. And hence, this special Fabcast edition. Listen and enjoy, this historic intersection of podcasting pinoy bekiz -- The Fabcasters Meet The Dan & Rye Show!

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