The Fabcasters’ Favorite Fab Blogs of 2010

In January 2011, the Fabcasters put together a list of 15 blogs they call their favorites -- not top, not the best, just those they love reading. Here's the first 8 of the list (in alphabetical order).  PLUS: a fabcast discussing these favorite blogs. Come join the fun and listen in!

<strong>The Fabcasters' Favorite Fab Blogs of 2010</strong> (in alphabetical order, first part of list)

Blog Name (URL)

1. Back in the Closet (<a href=""></a>)

2. Baklang Maton (<a href=""></a>)

3. Chuvaness (<a href=""></a>)

4. City Buoy (<a href=""></a>)

5. Discreet Manila (<a href=""></a>)

6. Hot Men in the Philippines (<a href=""></a>)

7. I am Fickle Cattle (<a href=""></a>)

8. Jessica Rules the Universe     (

(blogs 9-15 coming up in part 2)

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