Cover — a postscript in podcast

CJ, the guy with a cover girlfriend, was again in the house today, and I told him about the reaction of MGG readers about his story here. (Read it first if you still have not.)

"Di naman kasi nila naiintindihan," says CJ, referring to the flak he got from his story.

He continued by explaining why even if he feels like calling it quits with his current girlfriend, he couldn't bring himself to do it. "Weakness ko sa lahat yung iniiyakan ako ng babae."

Then he related stories from his past girlfriend, which, in his mind, explains his difficulty of breaking up with his current girl. At this point, I whipped out my iPhone and did an impromptu recording. (He gave his permission to do the recording for this blog.)

Listen in to our naked voice conversation. And see where our conversation would lead us. Crazy conversation.

(Apologies for the background noise, my housemate was preparing lunch during this recording while CJ and I were at the dining area.)

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